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  • Simple, reliable web applications to manage your association and events.
  • Dedicated Service Manager stays with you from the very beginning.
  • Nominal monthly subscription, no start up costs and no user fees.
My Call for Papers

Managing your call for papers, getting feedback from your reviewers and communicating with your submitters has never been easier.  The Robust™ Submissions Manager lets you manage your organization’s Call for Papers / Abstracts process via the following three key segments:

A comprehensive and tailored solution to capture the information you require to build your program including general and detailed submission content as well as submitter/co-author contact information.

This feature allows reviewers (selected by your organization) to access and rate submitted abstracts/papers via a password protected login. Reviewers can filter, save, score and provide comments on each submission.

This feature allows you to analyze all submissions and reviews. Through a password protected link, you or your staff can login to the administrative component of our module, filter submissions by reviewer and report on paper scores. The report can also be downloaded onto your computer as an excel file.


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