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Why Choose us
  • Simple, reliable web applications to manage your association and events.
  • Dedicated Service Manager stays with you from the very beginning.
  • Nominal monthly subscription, no start up costs and no user fees.
My Registrations

This Robust™ Registration Manager provides your audience with an enhanced registration experience while capturing critical data that allows you to manage the entirety of your registration process. Features include:

Branding: Add your event's brand to the registration process

Security & Privacy:
Offers a unique login and password for each user

Smart Software: Provides a unique registration experience per category 

Custom fields allow you to capture key information

Session Selection:
Registrants can select sessions with unique pricing

Integrates with online credit card payment gateway

Access reports and manage registrations

Training & Support:
Work with a dedicated service manager

Print badges and manage on site badge distribution

Onsite: integrates seamlessly with your onsite registration process


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