Here is a glimpse at what took place in Inuvik at the NNE:

Welcome to Inuvik!

Northern National Event - Welcome from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.

•    Opening Ceremony


Northern National Event - Opening Ceremonies from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.

•    Induction of Honorary Witnesses

Northern National Event - Witness from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.

•    Lighting of the Sacred Fire

•    Sharing Circles

Northern National Event - Its About Courage. from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.


•    Private Statement Gathering

•    Circle of Reconcilation

Watch live streaming video from trc_cvr at


Our Truth: The Youth Perspective on Residential School from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.


•    Daily Commemoration Ceremony

•    Educational Films

•    Programming for Youth

•    Mainstage Performances


Northern National Event - Concert from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.

•    Expressions of Reconciliation

Northern National Event - Expressions of Reconciliation from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.

•   Exhibits:
                    -Residential Schools

•   Talent Show Part 1


•   Talent Show Part 2

Northern National Event - Talent Show (Part 2) from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.


•    Artistic Expressions:

Northern National Event - Screening of Hope. from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.

                    -Cultural Performances
                    -Visual Arts 


To get a better idea on how programming for this Event came to be, please read the Northern National Event Concept Paper

Can't make it to the Northern National Event? We will post footage on our YouTube Channel at the end of each day of the Event. Visit