Share your experience

Anyone who has been affected by the Indian Residential Schools legacy will have the opportunity to share their experiences during the TRC’s five year mandate.

In Inuvik, the floor will be given to survivors, intergenerational survivors, their families, former staff, government officials and others affected by Residential Schools to share their experiences, safe in the knowledge that everything they say will be recorded, honoured and preserved. The statements gathered at the event will hold their rightful place in the history of this country.

In addition, survivors and their families will be able to celebrate their respective cultures and the resiliency that has brought them through the painful experiences of the past.

At the National Northern Event, those wishing to share their experiences with the TRC will have the opportunity to give a statement in the Statement Gathering area. This area will have private and confidential statement gathering rooms where people who wish to have their history recorded will have the option to have their statement video recorded or audio recorded. Health supports will also be right on site at the Statement Gathering.

For too long, there have been too few places where IRS survivors could talk about their experiences and know that they would be listened to; Statement Gathering is the way your story can be known.

For many people, the memories will be emotionally difficult. The Commission will ensure there are appropriate health supports available to provide support at all TRC events. In addition, other health support services, including professional counseling and cultural supports by an Elder, may be requested through Health Canada.