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Share your experience

Anyone who has been affected by the Indian Residential Schools and their legacy is invited to share their experiences at any point during the TRC’s five-year mandate.

In Edmonton, the floor will be given to Survivors, intergenerational Survivors, their families, former staff, government officials and others affected by Residential Schools to share their experiences, safe in the knowledge that everything they say will be recorded, honoured and preserved. The statements gathered at the event will hold their rightful place in the history of this country.

At the TRC Alberta National Event, those wishing to share their experiences can provide a private statement or a public statement.

Private Statement - This is an opportunity to share your experiences in complete confidence with only a health support worker and statement gatherer in the room. Your statement will be audio or video recorded depending on your preference. There is no fixed time limit on these sessions however there is a recommended 1.5 hour maximum.

Public Statement - One way to make a public statement is to take part in a Commissioners Sharing Panel. These panels allow survivors to share their truth with the Commissioners of the TRC in the main forum of the event. The typical length of allocated time is less than 15 minutes. Advanced registration is needed to make a statement at the Commissioners Sharing Panel.

You can also provide a public statement within Sharing Circles. Sharing Circles are facilitated by members of the TRC Indian Residential School Survivors Committee (IRSSC) and registration is located onsite.

Your time to make your presentation will be limited depending on the number of people wishing to give statements. Your statement will be audio and video recorded.

Health supports will be present for both Public Statement and Private Statements.

For both Sharing Circles and Commissioners Sharing Panels, members of the media and the public may come to ‘bear witness.’ Bearing witness validates the experiences of those who share their truths, and contributes to hearing for both the speaker and those who are listening.

Survivors, intergenerational Survivors, their families, residential school staff and others are welcome to make a private or public statement.