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Health Supports

Health Canada will provide a network of Aboriginal Regional Health Support Workers. These Health Support Workers will be available on site and will be wearing red vests. Team leads will be wearing white vests. They are all there to provide immediate support.

Interpreters will be available to support access to health support services. If you need an interpreter, please request this on site from a health support personnel.

The following types of support are also available:

Cultural Support - such as traditional healing, ceremonies or Elder teachings (red vests with a CSP logo).
Emotional Support - such as listening, talking and general emotional support.  
Counselling - such as individual, family and/or group counselling.

Elders Health Support Area - Cultural Supports, such as Elders and traditional healers, will be available on-site to provide traditional healing, ceremonies or teachings. Anyone wishing to talk to, or receive support from an Elder may visit this area.

Location: TBA

Times: For the duration of public and private statement gathering

Health Supports are available through the IRS Resolution Health Support Program. To access support through this program, please call 1-888-495-6588. The National IRS Crisis Line is available 24 hours a day at 1-866-925-4419.