Gordon's School. The new Gordon's Indian Residential School



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Join the Commission at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth for the Quebec National Event!

Download a copy of the National Event program
 (available soon).

Please note that the following list of activities is tentative and subject to change.

Statement Gathering – The Truth and Reconciliation Commission wants to hear from everyone who has been affected by the Indian Residential Schools. That includes Survivors of the schools, their families, community members – anyone whose life has been affected by the schools or their legacy.

Special Film Screening – Several films will be screened during the Quebec National Event, including We Were Children, recently released by Eagle Vision & Entertainment One, in co-operation with the National Film Board.

Honourary Witness Ceremony – Honourary Witnesses are public figures who take on a special responsibility for sharing the TRC’s message of truth-telling and reconciliation. In fact, we are all invited to be witnesses – to listen carefully to the truths that are shared and to share them with those that we know when we return to our own homes and communities. New Honourary Witnesses will be inducted during the Quebec National Event.

Commissioners Sharing Panel – TRC Commissioners will listen personally and carefully to all of the statements that are made to them by anyone who wishes to speak publicly about their Indian Residential School experiences and the affect of these experiences on their lives.

Sharing Circles with Survivor Committee – Share your truth with others in a Sharing Circle facilitated by a member of the Indian Residential School Survivor Committee.

Expressions of Reconciliation – Offer an Expression of Reconciliation on behalf your organization or yourself. Your expression can take any form – a  written statement, an artefact, a work of art. If you are interested, please contact Lori Ransom (lori.ransom@trc.ca).

Learning Place – Spend some time learning about the schools that Aboriginal children attended in Quebec, and about the affect this experience had on the lives of these children as they became adults. Have a conversation with someone who can tell you something you might not have known before.

Church Archives – Look through historic photographs of students and schools, as well as other documents from the archives of the church entities that operated the Indian Residential Schools.

Education Day – A full day of varied programming designed for high school students and the rest of us. Stay tuned for details.