Northern National Event
It Matters to Me

If it Matters to You, take a look around this website once you've secured your Twibbon. Here you'll find all kinds of examples of ways to make Reconciliation a reality for you, your community and for all of Canada. We'll also keep you updated on events happening across the country where Canadians like you can bear witness in a personal way to the shared truth, history and legacy of the Residential School system.


It matters to me because the cycle of hurt has gone on for too long. We are one blood. It's time we start acting like the brothers and sisters we are.

It matters to me because our children deserve a better tomorrow.
Robert Genaille
BC/ Stó:lō Territory

It matters to me because, as a non-aboriginal canadian, I wish for my children and grandchildren (both of which I do not yet have) to live a life of love and acceptance; to love and accept everyone they meet, everyone in their communities, and I wish for everyone to live in a Canada where there is no indifference. As a non-aboriginal canadian I see the importance of connecting and learning with aboriginal partners and friends, and have the ambition to go the distance, to learn, to connect and promote reconcilliation.
Courtney Huls

It matters to me because I'm done being angry. I want to be healthy and happy on my own terms while respecting others.
Beverley McKiver

It matters to me because it was my Anglican church, here on Vancouver Island through the Residential School System, that helped cause so very much pain and grief for Aboriginal peoples. I intend to spend the rest of my days working to help Aboriginal post-secondary students in financial need.
Mary Rogers
British Columbia