Northern National Event
It Matters to Me

If it Matters to You, take a look around this website once you've secured your Twibbon. Here you'll find all kinds of examples of ways to make Reconciliation a reality for you, your community and for all of Canada. We'll also keep you updated on events happening across the country where Canadians like you can bear witness in a personal way to the shared truth, history and legacy of the Residential School system.


It matters to me because it helps me understand the impact of colonialism on my community and my country.
Anna St.Onge

It matters to me because we have to heal the wrongs of the past and work towards not repeating/continuing.

It matters to me because we all belong on this land and should support one another in living, loving and thriving here. It's about acknowledging harm, past and present; and taking into account everyone's life experiences. Most of all, reconciliation is about respect and dignity over ignorance and stereotypes.
Sue Campbell

It matters to me because it is the just and honourable course of action that respects all Indigenous peoples. We need to build a future that is a Peoples' future. I want to understand the past and work on trying to understand the present, but I also want another kind of world here.I want a real future that is something other than the prepackaged future forced on us by oppression.
Ana Collins

It matters to me because... I was born in an area that, generations later, is still feeling the impacts of the residential school system. I hate that people I grew up alongside should have had any disadvantage compared to my own experience. I want for today's children to have bright futures.