Williams Lake, British Columbia, 1956

 Credit: Canada. Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development / Library and Archives Canada / PA-207641.

Native Residential School in Kamloops. New classroom building. Kamloops, British Columbia, ca. 1950.


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Program at a Glance
Thursday, September 19

Download a copy of the program for the BC National Event. (coming soon)

Please note that the schedule below is tentative and subject to change.
All activities take place at the Pacific National Exhibition unless otherwise indicated.

* Education Day activities are organized for participating school groups only.

Click here to download a copy of the Education Day program.


6:30-8am Morning Prayers  Sacred Fire Site
8:30-9am Commissioners Welcome Forum - Panel Area
9-10am Expressions of Reconciliation Forum - Panel Area
9-10:30am Academic Talk Forum - Program Area
9:30-2:15pm Education Day

*Education Day sessions are organized for participating school groups only. Priority seating for students will be in effect.

Coliseum and various locations
10-11am Sharing Circles Forum - Sharing Circle Area
10-Noon Commissioners Sharing Panel Forum - Panel Area
11-Noon Film Screening Forum - Program Area
12:30-2:30pm Sharing Circles Forum - Sharing Circle Area
1-1:30pm Honorary Witness Reflections Forum - Panel Area
1-2:30pm Reconciling Indigenous Healing and Health Leadership Forum - Sharing Circle Area
3-5pm Sharing Circles Forum - Sharing Circle Area
3-4pm Film Screening: A Sorry State Forum - Program Area
4-5pm Film Screening: The Story of Dancing Bear Forum - Program Area
4-5:30pm Call to Gather: Honorary Witness Reflections and Expressions of Reconciliation Forum - Panel Area
7-9pm Free Concert Coliseum


8am- 5pm Survivor Registration Registration tent
9am- 6pm Private Statement Gathering Rollerland
9am- 5pm Learning Place Agrodome
9am- 5pm Churches Listening Area Agrodome
9am- 5pm Displays and Artisans Agrodome


 Expressions of Reconciliation

Individuals, organizations and representatives of the parties to the Residential Schools Settlement Agreement will make statements, presentations, or apologies directly to Survivors.
Begins: 9am
Location: Forum - Panel Area

Sharing Circle

Facilitated by members of the TRC Indian Residential School Survivors Committee (IRSSC), Sharing Circles enable Survivors, their family members, former staff and anyone else affected by the residential schools to share their truth with others in a public setting.
* Registration: begins September 17 at the Registration Tent
* Members of the public and the media may witness.
Begins: 10am
Location: Forum - Sharing Circle Area

Commissioners Sharing Panel

Commissioners Sharing Panels provide an opportunity for Survivors, Intergenerational Survivors, former teachers, those who worked in the schools, or anyone who wants to speak publicly about the affect of the schools on their lives to share their truth directly with the Commissioners of the Truth and Reconcilication Commission of Canada.
* Registration: begins September 17 at the Registration Tent
* Members of the public and the media may witness.

Begins: 10am
Location: Forum - Panel Area

Reconciling Indigenous Healing & Health Education Leadership

Seven health practitioners – Indigenous and non-Aboriginal – discuss how local protocols guide the reconciliation of health education and communities. Their strategies integrate Aboriginal land-based healing practices and promote self-care with community knowledge holders, health practitioners and students/clients.  

BEGINS: 1 pm
LOCATION: Forum – Program Area

Call to Gather

Come together for a summary of the day’s activities, Expressions of Reconciliation, and any announcements about activities to come.
The day’s Honorary Witnesses will reflect on their experiences.
Begins: 4pm
Location: Coliseum


Private Statement Gathering

Those wishing to share their experiences with the TRC in a private and confidential setting can do so. The Private Statement Gathering Area has individual rooms where private statements may be video or audio recorded. Health Supports will be available.  
* Registration: begins September 17 in the Registration Tent.


 A Sorry State

Director Mitch Miyagawa will be present for this screening. 

In 1988, Mitch Miyagawa’s Japanese-Canadian family received an apology from then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who apologized for the internment of 22,000 Japanese Canadians during WWII.

In addition to the apology for his father's forced relocation and internment, Mitch’s stepmother Etheline was a young victim of residential schools for Aboriginal children and his stepfather, Harvey, is the grandson of Chinese immigrants who were burdened with a hefty head tax. Both families were forced to live apart from their loved ones. both families have received official apologies from the Canadian government.

In "A Sorry State," Mitch witnesses how his parents, stepparents and others have dealt with their painful pasts, as some choose to ignore, some to forgive and some to remain bitter.

In addition, he discovers a worldwide wave of official government apologies, and delves into Canada's latest attempts at reconciliation.


 The Story of Dancing Bear

Ernie Philip (Dancing Bear) will be present for a brief Q&A after this screening.

Ernie Philip (Dancing Bear) is an 81 year old Secwepemc elder, a fancy dancer and an internationally-acclaimed speaker. For over 50 years, Dancing Bear has been sharing the wisdom of his culture to thousands, nationally and internationally. This project will create a documentary entitled “The Story of Dancing Bear”, the life journey of Ernie Philips, from his days as a young boy at Residential School to his life as a world-class artist named Dancing Bear.